A Bright Pink Silicone Cake Pan

It has been a busy day today at the Muddy Kitchen Floor kitchen. We had a surprise visit from an old friend, during the big clean and tidy up, which was A good excuse for a cup of tea and a catch up. I always think that January is a great time to clear out the cupboards, rearrange the sides, clearing out the items we no longer use and introducing new items into the kitchen.

During this time, I also created a (new for me) pork dish, and cooked my first ever cake in a silicone cake pan. Apart from it being bright pink, I had no idea how it should be used, and although I have seen many a silicone oven product in the shops, I still had a fear that it would melt all over the freshly cleaned oven.

I decided to try it out with a basic Victoria sponge. Using just the one silicone “tin” the sponge went in, as I spent a semi nervous 25 minutes waiting to see if the “tin” would melt. . . . .


I’m pleased to say the “tin” didn’t melt, and the cake didn’t break up as I turned it out. In fact it slipped out of the “tin” rather easily. I think that silicone will be a regularly used addition to the Muddy Floor Kitchen.

I hate to say, although the cake rose quite well, I couldn’t face trying to cut the cake into 2 layers. An executive decision was made, the cake would be cut in half, and then sandwiched together creating a half moon Victoria sponge, filled with basic vanilla buttercream and dusted with a sprinkling of icing sugar. A great Sunday evening treat.


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