Stir-Fry Coleslaw & Farm Shop Produce

I think I maybe going to the long title on a blog post award, maybe there is an OSCAR category for that? I love the OSCARS it means that normally I am only a few short weeks away from my first trip of the year to LA.  We like to go a few times each…

Bunion Risotto

Recipe of the day Bacon & Onion Risotto. (A.K.A Bunion Risotto) Yes, I name all my dinners that leave the Muddy Kitchen Floor Kitchen, it’s a little silly ritual A and I have. Tonight’s dinner was Bunion Risotto. Take two white onions, chop them finely, add to a pan with 6 rashers of chopped bacon….

2 Worlds Colliding

I have decided to introduce my weekend and spare time passion, which is Muddy Kitchen Floor, to my bill paying work and business which is Vernon Lodge School. In 2011, G & I embarked on a new life challenge. We decided to buy a small school in the borders of Staffordshire & Shropshire. We had…

As Sure As Eggs is Eggs

I have always said, learn how to cook eggs and you will never go hungry. For some time now, I have also had the desire to reach out to people, family, friends, and serve them good, wholesome food which can be cheap, simple, and easy to make. I love attending cooking courses, and find the…

Watching A Pot Boil

So after not much persuasion, I embarked recently on a new quest. Making marmalade. I have always enjoyed the bitter sweet taste of good marmalade. Not the cheap supermarket versions, I am a sucker for farmers markets and home made produce. I always thought marmalade would be beyond my “talents”, but it is surprisingly simple….

Internet Problems & Sunken Cakes

I just realised it has been a few days since I last blogged. Partly because I had been extremely busy in the kitchen, partly because I have changed Internet service provider, which, surprise surprise is not going as smoothly as it should or was promised. But that, my friends is a blog for another day….