Stir-Fry Coleslaw & Farm Shop Produce

I think I maybe going to the long title on a blog post award, maybe there is an OSCAR category for that? I love the OSCARS it means that normally I am only a few short weeks away from my first trip of the year to LA.  We like to go a few times each year, March/April being the first visit.

Anyway, I’m rambling and need to get back on track.  Tonight, dinner was a lovely pork joint with crackling, a few roasted potatoes, and my new creation, Stir Fry Coleslaw, or SFC for short.  Its not really coleslaw, but it is the main vegetables you would find in coleslaw, the carrots, onions and cabbage, then rather than covered with mayonnaise or salad cream, I stir fried them.  I guess its not a new invention, I would imagine that for many people this is just stir fry, but for me, it made me chuckle!

2013-02-25 19.10.28


A note about the potatoes. . . .  on 26th January, I blogged and posted about Surprises in Small Places, how we found a small farm shop just outside of Canterbury and stocked up on some good Kentish vegetables.  well since then, it has been “normal” for me to pop out to the outside storage with my little wicker basket & bring into the kitchen a selection of onions and potatoes.

Today, I realised that these potatoes were a month old.  Im just over halfway through the sack, and the potatoes are still as fresh and new as the day they were plucked out of the claggy Kent mud.  Its been a novelty for me to stand, as my nan used to, washing the mud off of the potatoes before peeling them.  Something we forget about while buying our hermetically sealed plastic wrapped washed free of soil potatoes from the supermarkets.  (just to point out, I’m not sure if they are hermetically sealed or not, but it sounds good!!)

Potatoes that last longer than a month, that haven’t sprouted, that still taste amazing!!  Who would have thought it.  Well, our grandparents would have.

I’m not going to jump on the “horse meat” bandwagon, but it really has bought it home to me, that we need to get back to nature, eat muddy, bent crooked vegetables, learn how to wash mud off of our veggies,  and know where our meat is coming from.  Maybe we need to spend more money on meat, maybe we need to reduce the amount of meat we eat, maybe we need to re-learn how to eat again?


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  1. Stir fry coleslaw – loving the sound of that one David. As a matter of interest, do you use a stir fry oil for this one, or just an olive or vegetable oil? Are there any other small ingredients you add to it, or do you just keep it simple?

    • Hi, I just use olive oil, a very light one. The only additional extra I use is my new found favourite smoked Malden sea salt, which I’m sprinkling on everything right now lol xx

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