Bunion Risotto

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Bacon & Onion Risotto. (A.K.A Bunion Risotto)

Yes, I name all my dinners that leave the Muddy Kitchen Floor Kitchen, it’s a little silly ritual A and I have. Tonight’s dinner was Bunion Risotto.

Take two white onions, chop them finely, add to a pan with 6 rashers of chopped bacon. (Leave the fat on, and add a tablespoon of oil). Cook slowly until the onions soften, and the bacon is cooked, then add 300g of risotto rice.

Meanwhile, heat 1 litre of good chicken or vegetable stock in a saucepan.

When the rice has absorbed the oil, and feels like if you stopped stirring it would stick and burn to the pan, add one ladle of stock and continue stirring. Let the rice absorb the stock, when the pan is dry add another ladle of stock. Make sure you continue to stir. This helps release the starch from the rice and make for a soft creamy risotto.

Repeat the stirring, absorbing and ladling of stock until your stock pan is dry. This will and should take you at least 30 minutes maybe even 45, but you will be left with a pan of soft creamy risotto.

The next 2 stages are optional. You can now chuck in a knob (25g) of good unsalted butter and/or a dash (2 tablespoons) of double cream. Stir in cover with a lid, remove from heat and leave, to rest, to recover, to absorb some more.

Meanwhile, take a small pack of green trimmed beans, boil in unsalted water in a covered pan for 6 minutes.

Serve a generous helping of risotto, with beans. And a garnish of garlic chives.

A lovely warming Sunday supper



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