Oh, No Thanks, I don’t Like Tiramisu. . . . . . . . . .

There are so many words I need to share, so many stories to post on my blog, I am hoping to add them over the next few days. I think, again, the posts might be long, so maybe settle down with a cup of coffee, maybe a cheeky glass of wine, as I burble away.

On Wednesday, I realised I did like tiramisu. I know, who would have thought, you know that italian dessert that has been bastardised beyond recognition to cater for the fast processed dessert market, or to knockout at the end of a cheap italian meal in a resturant. Well I realised I loved tiramisu after another visit to The Mistley Kitchen for a fresh pasta workshop.

Again, I have to say how enjoyable the workshop was. The menu we were going to create was quite extensive, from fresh pasta (obviously) gnocchi with sausage ragu, tagliatelle with cream sauce, squash ravioli with fried sage, smoked mozzarella lasagna, and then, turning the page, the dreaded tiramisu. . . .

Sherri, once again took charge in her calm, relaxed way, guiding us away from the fresh coffee and brownies, into the main part of the kitchen ready to try our hand at making pasta, using her extensive knowledge of olive oils, and handing out fresh local ingredients, we set to work. A blissful calming 3 hours of education and creativity.

gnocchi waiting to be cooked

Soon the kitchen was filling with the delightful smells of fresh herbs, simmering sauces, and the sounds of spoons rattling, chopping knives, and a sense of calm came over us all. A sort of peaceful contentment as we worked towards creating an italian feast.

Then came the time to make the tiramisu, one dish which I thought would be bland, but with Sherri’s style of adaption, we created an italian trifle of exquisite flavour and texture.

Once again The Mistley Kitchen had worked its magic. Feeding my inspiration and need to create good wholesome food. Thanks Sherri for a great workshop.


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  1. I think the Mistley Kitchen sounds great (and somehow relaxing). I think I’ll be asking for Vouchers for birthday/Christmas. Have to be a basic course for me though!

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