As Sure As Eggs is Eggs

I have always said, learn how to cook eggs and you will never go hungry. For some time now, I have also had the desire to reach out to people, family, friends, and serve them good, wholesome food which can be cheap, simple, and easy to make. I love attending cooking courses, and find the simple tips and hints from the foodies and chefs that run them are invaluable.

Today for lunch we had a delightful shallot, tomato and mozzarella omelette. I began by finely chopping the shallots and adding them to a cold pan, drizzled them with good olive oil and cooking on a very, very low heat. I never heat the oil before adding onions or shallots as this can cause them to burn ( a tip I picked up from Sherri at The Mistley Kitchen) and left the shallots to cook slowly, releasing their flavour, and turning a deep golden colour.


After about 30 minutes I added around 10 baby plum tomatoes which were halved and continued to cook for a further 20 minutes on a low low heat.

Once the tomatoes were cooked through, 4 beaten eggs were added to the pan, the heat turned up slightly until the eggs were set on the bottom. Then, some mozzarella was placed around the pan, which was then placed under a low grill to finish the cooking process.

Once cooked, this was topped with some micro leaf garlic chives which you can get for 75p from Sainsburys. Served, on its own with some balsamic glaze, this makes for a deliciously tasty lunch.


Some of you eagle eyed photo viewers will notice I’ve also sprinkled some salt on the plate. This is smoked Malden Sea salt which you can get from any supermarket. It has a rich taste, perfect for finishing off or adding to a dish. I’ve not tried it sprinkled on Fish & Chips yet, if you have, please let me know how it tastes!!

I think eggs must be one of my favourite ingredients to use as they are so versatile. Boiled with toast soldiers, poached on top of some smoked haddock, scrambled with bacon, fried, or turned into an omelette, an egg will provide a huge range of meals.

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