A non-food post

A friend recently commented that I hadn’t blogged in a while. It got me thinking, no I haven’t, I had let life get in the way. My last post was posh tarts, on 8th June. I had broken a promise to myself of either posting everyday, or posting every week!!!!!!

Life, sadly really has got in the way of something I find really enjoyable, something my good friend C got me into, and something I cold combine with my passion for food. As some of you may know, food is not my first job, that is education, running an independent school in Staffordshire, and a day nursery in Walsall with G.

Contrary to popular belief, we, our managers, head teachers, teachers and staff work really hard in the run up to the final weeks of the school year. It’s a busy time behind the scenes, most parents just see the fun side of school, the speech days, the concerts, the prize givings, not realising the huge amount of background work that happens. The meetings, the paperwork, the tying up of the school year.

On a good note, school for us ends in 2 weeks, we will still have the nursery running, and there are some exciting projects in the pipeline which should come to fruition over the summer, but it will mean I WILL have time to get back in the kitchen, create some more dishes and generally get back to my blogging.

Until then, I will leave you with this lovely picture of a cow, for no other reason that I love cows, and this one looks extremely pretty.



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