Cost of Food

I am stunned!  Seriously, Stunned!

I try and buy local as often as I can, and I also try and support local growers, independent traders & try and source the best value.  Tonight, I had to dash to a local well known supermarket to get a big shop in for the week as time is tight with work commitments, we have a few dinners we are hosting, and generally the cupboards are looking bare!

Luckily I had some reward vouchers, and as I shop, I am careful with prices, and try to only purchase what we will need.  I have a system in place where I add up in my head what is going in the shopping trolly, over estimating, so I am not too shocked when I get to the till!



Tonight the total spent really floored me.  I think because apart from some cheese and a little extra for one of the meals this week, I spent nearly 3 times as much as normal!  Incredible.  The cost of vegetables and meat was crazy.  I felt conned, I felt trapped due to personal circumstance and lack of time during the rest of this week, I also felt faint.

Trying not to sound too much like a grumpy old man and being aware it is not the check out girls fault, I did question the amount, but no, it was right!

Anyone else feel that supermarkets are taking the mickey right now?  Is this a global thing or is it just in the UK?

I was also slightly peeved when a piece of paper came spewing out of the machine and the check out girl, big smile, happy tone informed me that my shop would have been cheaper if I had shopped elsewhere, and gleefully handed me a “money off voucher” for my next shop for the grand sum of £0.01.

I’m pretty sure the price rises in the shop reflect the amount of till receipt paper they are wasting with these vouchers!

Grumble over, now back to the kitchen to cook some supper!


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  1. why not set yourself a budget – for a week, or 5-days and see if you are able to keep to it, but also not lower your standard of faire? From just one shop (let’s face it most of us only get the chance to shop once a week, usually in one place). You might discover cheaper alternatives that you possibly mightn’t have tried or confirm that there’s no substitute for others. Just a thought/challenge.

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