Sweet Potato Thai Green Curry

Some of you may know that I have taken to a vegetarian diet recently.  This came about after suffering from chronic stressed induced stomach pains, which seemed to get much worse after eating meat.  To be specific, after eating Pork and Beef.  So I have decided for a while to be as vegetarian as I can be!  I say that because recently when ordering a naughty Chinese takeaway, I had Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup.  For some reason, I forgot that chicken was not vegetarian!!


Grab some large Sweet Potatoes, I used 4 large ones and dice them

Diced Sweet Potato

Then to a pan of oil gently heat through some Thai Green Curry Paste.  Yes I know, I cheated and got it out of a jar and didn’t make my own from scratch, but you know, sometimes, a little cheating is good for the soul.

Thai Green Curry Paste

Fry this off until the amazing aromas fill your kitchen, but be careful not to burn it.  I think that soon you will all be sick of this following statement, but please, cook this on a “Low Low Low heat”  check back through my other recipes, you will often see the phrase “Low Low Low heat, or “Low and Slow”!”

Add your sweet potatoes, a chopped red onion and sliced garlic to the pan and continue cooking on a “Low Low Low” heat until the Potato begins to soften.

Sweet Potato, Onion and Garlic

Then add 2 cartons of Coconut Cream.  I no longer use Tinned Coconut milk as I find it far too runny.  So now, grab the Coconut cream, its not that much more expensive, has way more calories, therefore tastes so much better!  I also, for this recipe add a couple of handfuls of desiccated coconut.  The sweetness really comes through!

Shredded Coconut

You don’t need to cook this for much longer now, just about 20 minutes, so now would be a good time to get the rice in the pan of boiling water!  I am sure I have used this phrase as well recently…….. 

Once the rice is cooked, strain it, and serve immediately!


Enjoy x