Roasted Parsnip Soup

I love soup.  My favourite tinned soup has to be a classic Heinz Tomato Soup served steaming hot with crusty bread! It’s like a bowl of love for the stomach!


I also love making soup, my all time easy soup is my vegetable soup, but often I will make something slightly different.  For this soup recipe you will need

1KG of peeled parsnips

2 litres of boiling water

3 large white potatoes (peeled and quartered)

2 sweet white onions, peeled and quartered

1 desert spoon of Honey

2 Dessert Spoons of Olive Oil


Firstly, peel your Parsnips and place in your 2 litres of boiling water and par boil for 10 minutes.  Remove them from the water (Keeping the water in the pan) and place in an oven dish.  Cover with your oil and cook in a hot oven.  While the parsnips are cooking, boil your onions and potatoes until soft.  I found by the time the potatoes are cooked, the parsnips are ready for a drizzle of honey.  Return them to the oven.

When the potatoes and onions are soft, ladle them and some of the water (I think we can now call this stock) into a blender and blitz until smooth.  You will end up with a thick startchy white mixture which will help thicken the soup later.


Once this has been done your parsnips should be ready to be removed from the oven.  They should be soft, with some colour but not too brown.


Chop them into slices (best do this with a sharp knife in the baking dish as they will be hot! Transfer them to the Blender with the remaining stock and blitz until smooth.  You may need to do this in 2 or three batches.  Once smooth, return to a clean saucepan and stir in your potato and onion mixture.  Reheat until piping hot and serve immediately.


I love this pure white soup, it looks so plain, but the flavours of the roasted parsnips really come through with a nice sweet hit from the honey.  I have found it is best served with hot Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia bread.