Covid Diaries

So, once again I come with apologies……. Work/Blog life balance had become non existent, life was running away with me and I could not keep up with writing posts.  I had been placing photos on the Whippys Kitchen Instagram page.

Now, we find ourselves in unprecedented times.  Today a quarter of the world is in enforced social isolation or total lockdown.  Families who are not in the same household are being kept apart, friends can no longer just drop in for a coffee and a chat, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants are closing….. Shops, big chains and small independents are shutting their doors.

The incredible toll this is going to take on our mental health is huge…. There are of course, people who are not following the rules, not listening to the officials, ignoring the scientists and the Doctors.  But there are also incredible random acts of kindness happening around the world.  People reaching our and helping others, supporting each other.  Being Kind.

Today is not a food post, its a thoughts and catch up post.  It’s also a light bulb moment….. I now have time….. Time to cook more, time to experiment more, time to post and talk to you though my blog again.  I also think this may in some small way be useful in the future, to help people understand the time we are living through… When this becomes a history lesson, you never know, a little insignificant entry on a blog called Whippys Kitchen may be used as part of a more global recording of history.

Thank you for reading, I will post again soon with some food, but for now, Keep safe, Keep Healthy, Keep washing your hands, Keep in your house and we will all get through this.

Now I must go, as Boris Johnson is addressing the nation again and I want to hear the latest developments.