As I sit at my desk, catching up with work for the Orchard Education businesses, the snow outside is evoking memories of my childhood. As soon as there was a sniff of snow anywhere in the country, my nan would go into an almost panic mode.

Off she would run to the shops with her shopping trolly and bulk buy as much as she could carry. Meat from the butchers, veg and fruit from the grocers, milk from the supermarket. I would often joke with her that if I opened her freezer I would be met with 3 sheep, 4 cows, 5 pigs and a chicken or two all in various states of butchery.

She would have loved my shopping trip today to a wholesale retailer, as I was stocking up for the nursery and school, I imagine she would have filled her own trolly to the brim.

One thing that always makes me smile when I remember her fear of running out of food in the deep snow, she didn’t live in a remote rural village, she lived nearly all of her life in Bermondsey, South East London, where if we were lucky enough to get snow, it would always vanish without trace within 24 hours.

It’s ok today though nan, I think I have enough food stored in The Muddy Kitchen Floor for both of us.

Happy memories.


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