A Reminder

Today was spent away from The Muddy Kitchen Floor kitchen. Apart from cheese on toast this evening whilst watching country file, no cooking has happened at all. But today has still featured food. Quite a lot of food, and friendship, and good times.

We spent nearly all of this cold winters afternoon, cosy, in a pub, in Epping forest, surrounded by friends. 1 friend and her daughter, who we see fairly regularly. 2 friends and their 2 adorable mini men, who sometimes we see frequently, sometimes we see rarely, but always manage to maintain the deep friendship and connection. We were also joined by friends who we had not seen for over 10 years, with their two mini women.

With drinks, with good food, with amazing desserts, we chatted, we caught up, we cemented friendships. During the meal, I had a traditional roast beef by the way, it occurred to me how food is so central in our lives. Sharing, caring, enjoying, food once again was at the heart of the afternoon.

One of our friends mentioned how we had lost the afternoon, not in a negative way, but in that sort of way where time just disappears. An idyllic afternoon and a reminder that friendships are made, and real friendships travel through life with you. You the ups and downs, the laughter, the tears the easy times, the trials, good friendship as with good food, will always be with you.


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