Oh Such a Perfect Day

You know those days, they are not planned, they just sort of happen. I woke with a feeling of needing to bake. I wanted to make some scones, I’ve never actually been able to make them before, but my “zen” mind took over and I knew today I would give them a go.

The day started with 2 clients who come regularly for a Reiki treatments. Then after a quick dash to the shops to get supplies, a quick sweep and mop of the floor, I was ready to begin. I think I started my creations at 11:30ish and finished around 5:30ish. I was in my own little piece of heaven!

First, trying out a new organic bread flour I had acquired last week. Normally, the kitchen is warm enough to let the dough rise on the breakfast bar, but today. There was a slight chill in the kitchen, and I suddenly realised that the grill on the range would be the perfect place to let the dough rise. Nice and cosy and warm.


With the bread rising nicely, it was time to chop some vegetables for soup. Like I mentioned in an older post, this vegetable soup is simplicity at its best. Just chop, boil, whizz, reheat and serve.

I then turned my attentions to cupcakes. On Thursday, I read how to crystallise rose petals. Not believing how simple it could be, I de-petaled a rose, (technical term), brushed with egg white, dusted with sugar and let them rest on a lined baking tray in the larder.


By today they were ready to go on the cupcakes, made by the way in my new silicone cupcake cases. They turned looking rather sweet!


Finally I turned my attention to the scones. Previously I knew my problems had been I overwork and flatten the scone dough to much. A concerted effort was made today to barely work the dough, pat out rather than roll, and leave the dough alone when I would normally continue patting and rolling………..


The best part of today, this afternoon relatives turned up, it meant that I could feed them a delicious home cooked, from start to finish meal. The hours I had spent and enjoyed in the kitchen could now be enjoyed by others. I think this is the main reason I like to cook. I like to see other people enjoying good wholesome food.

I believe apart from the gift of love, the gift of food is one of the best things you can give to another human being.

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