A Lost Art

On Friday morning, after seeing the first light falling of snow, I decided to head out to a well known supermarket, the one with the orange logo and signage to pick up a few baking essentials, just in case the snow became heavy. Meeting me was a sight of utter chaos.. . .

I had to drive around the car park 3 times to find a space, and entering the supermarket there was an almost continuous VoiceOver telling customers that they were doing all they could to get everyone through the checkout lines and that all checkouts were open. The normal suspects were selling out fast, virtually no bread, no milk, no packet vegetables. As I headed to the flour and yeast aisle, (yes, I am still on my quest to make the “perfect loaf”) I noticed there was still ample packets of flour, yeast, baking powder.

It got me thinking and investigating. There was still an abundance of loose root vegetables, but pre packed, pierce and microwave vegetables were sold out. It really bought it home to me when I saw a lady in front of me with an almost trolly load of pre made soup. Nothing wrong with that, but she would have been spending an awful lot more money than just by making her own vegetable soup.

I understand that many people may not have the time or inclination to make their own bread and soup, but I also think making your own healthy, cheap, soup and bread may be becoming a lost art.