It’s All About FOOD!

Today has to rank as one of my perfect days. Forgetting about the issues that G has had to deal with while I have been out and about with staff, customers, clients etc. . . . My day has revolved all around food. From making, learning, eating and now as I blog my thoughts, watching Red Nose Day Great British Bake Off. Oh be warned, this blog may be longer than my previous postings, but I will add as many pictures to break up the monotony as I can.

A few years ago, I was given as a Christmas present a voucher to attend a cooking workshop. Little did I know then that this would lead to a pleasing ongoing relationship with a little place in Essex called Mistley. The cooking workshop was wood fired pizza at The Mistley Kitchen and I entered the kitchen space with a little fear and trepidation. The day was interesting, the tutor, Sherri was very relaxed and calm with her teaching style, and the workshop reawakened a real passion for cooking again.

My main request for my next Christmas/Birthday present for the year ahead was of course more vouchers. Since that first time, I was lucky enough to get to attend the Mexican workshop and pasta workshop.

Today, I headed back to Mistley for the “Hip & Healthy” vegetarian food workshop. This time, I will admit, I was once again a little nervous as the workshop was being run by another teacher, not Sherri but Hilary Cacchio. I needn’t have worried, as within 5 minutes, it was obvious she was going to be an excellent teacher.

Some of the recipes seemed very simple on the worksheet we were given at the start of the day, but with guidance and the ability to go slightly “off piste” once we were shown the basics, it became a revelation on how simple ingredients can be turned with love and care into amazing tasting dishes. Something I think we sometimes forget when trying to make “show stoppers” of meals and dishes. Take for example the Clementine & Pomegranate salad consisting of just those two ingredients. Simple, delicious.


All morning, a group of 9 of us were let loose in the kitchen, learning, creating, laughing and doing what should come naturally. Enjoying good, local, fresh food.


Today I rediscovered the pleasure of creating a vegetable stock, I know, it sounds so simple and unexciting, but just knowing you can collect the stuff that many of us just chuck away, and create an amazing deep tasty base for soups such as the Leek & Potato Soup we cooked today, helps you reconnect with the food, and realise we don’t need to reach for the salt laden, small square cubes we normally rely on.

My personal biggest achievement today was creating Muhammara. A dish I had never even heard of let alone created before. I will save the Muhammara for another post as its something I want to recreate and enjoy again.

As a group, we connected, bonded, ate and enjoyed food as it should be. Thank you Hilary & Sherri for sharing and creating a lovely day.


When I arrived home this evening, G, after a very busy working day was creating in the kitchen, a lovely Thai Green Curry, with noodles, sticky rice and satay. He normally stays out of the kitchen, I think I am a little too controlling in how food is cooked and served here!! But we were having friends round for dinner for our version of Come Dine With Me. Tonight was G’s turn to be judged and scored!! I’m not telling him what I scored him, but it was worthy of a high score!!

So coming full circle, I’m now blogging about food after a food filled day with GBBO in the background. It’s all pure bliss!! It’s all about the food!!

If you get a chance, take a look at the workshops available from The Mistley Kitchen, I know you will have a great time there.

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