Surprises in Small Places

On Thursday we had to take a trip to Canterbury to meet the accountant to discuss how the “day to day” business was operating in its first year. All looks good, he was happy, we were happy, but during the meeting, and after being inspired by the vegetarian workshop the day before, I was distracted. All I could think was, “We are in the county called the garden of England. I need to be buying some vegetables.”

G’s sister lives right near the cathedral, so after the meeting we popped in for a quick lunch and coffee, and off we all went to The Goods Shed to look at the lovely organic locally grown vegetables, artisan breads, locally sourced meat and fish, and cheese. The food looked & smelled delicious, but it was rather pricy.

We then decided to go to a farm shop N knew about in Sturry, just 10 minutes drive away (20 in the new Canterbury traffic jams). The sign outside said “it’s fresh, it’s local” and it wasn’t wrong!!!!!

Cauliflowers and cabbages the size of my head, potatoes and onions, and Curly Kale that when cooked for 3 minutes was almost creamy.


I stocked up on the most delicious vegetables, less than half the price I would have paid for in the supermarket, and I also knew, I had helped a local trader and my food had absolute minimal mileage.

It got me thinking of a challenge I might set myself during February. . . . . . . . .


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