Patty’s Plaited Pain

No, not pain as in pain in the neck, but Pain as in French for bread. For those of you who are regular readers of this blog, firstly thank you for your support, secondly, you will know of my own “pain” I have had with my bread. For those who are reading this for the first time, welcome, and check back through the posts and you will see my bread problems.

Well, you may remember last week, I attended a cooking workshop at The Mistley Kitchen, which was run by Hilary Cacchio. Hilary is a bit of a bread expert, which you could discover for yourself if you attend one of her Mistley bread workshops. In passing, we had a brief conversation about bread and how to get it to behave. She mentioned a technique of kneading for 10 seconds, and leaving for 10 minutes and repeating this a number of times. I took this to mean let the dough do its own work, which of course, I liked the sound of.

Well I have been trying this with a number of loaves over the past week and each one, has risen and been light & tasty.

Today, I am making a loaf for my Head Teacher, Pat, who runs our school for us, one for us for lunch tomorrow, and will be doing some variations this week.

As soon as the bread is baked, I will be taking photos.

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