An LA adventure

It’s been quiet on the Muddy Kitchen Floor blog. The last post was just over a month ago. Most of you know, as much as I would like it to be, Muddy Kitchen Floor is not our main job. The bill paying job, our school and nursery has been extremely busy this past month and it had to take precedence over the fun stuff.

After a long month of stress, we have said goodbye to cold freezy Essex and taken up residence in Los Angeles, California for the next 27 days. While we are here, we will be staying in Altadena and Sherman Oaks, visiting our very close friends and having gastronomic adventures.

I’m hoping to visit some great markets while here, picking up some fresh and tasty food, cooking in my second favourite kitchen, and generally eating with friends, and making some good memories.

I hope you enjoy reading about the food as much as I will be enjoying cooking and eating it.

Another update will come soon, for now this is the view from the window. (Look at the blue skies!!!!!)



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  1. Thought of you David as I was at Skegness theatre for an evening with the 2 Hairy Bikers, hope you have a great time over there and get some cool recipe’s that we can all enjoy. Love from Dad. xxxxxxx

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