A Near Upside Down Disaster

Ever had one of those moments when you are in the kitchen, your starter of guacamole and minty yoghurt dips have been created, the Thai chicken curry is bubbling away nicely in the pan, the water is simmering ready for the egg noodles and rice, and the cake batter for the pineapple upside down cake turns out perfectly?

The oven is on, the cake is in the pan, in the oven, the timer is on, so you go sit and eat round the table. Dipping, crunching, talking, laughing. Perfect.

Oven bleeps, chicken curry has reduced perfectly, rice is almost cooked, noodles are placed in the water, pineapple cake is rising.

Return to table, eat, dip crunch some more. Time now to remove cake and leave to rest for 10 minutes before turning out, put other dishes in serving bowls, carry through to table, turn back to the cake, tip and . . . . . . . . . . . . Splodge!

Bubbles on top of the cake?? Sponge not quite set. Sugar not quite melted. Could have been the oven not on the right temperature, could of been the temperature not set quite right. Could have been the cook distracted by spicy guacamole, and conversation.

Can’t now fit the cake back in the pan, as its spread, so in the oven it goes, on its plate, with hope that the cake sets, with prayers that it doesn’t collapse and ooze sticky sweet batter all over the oven.

All seems well, cake seems set, just flatter and with a now greater diameter. Less sugar on the top than there should be, some how it needs finishing off, what to do, what to do?

Ahh splash some Chambord in the pan the cake cooked in, heat it, let is soak up the stuck sugars and pineapple juices, pour over the cake.


It looks a bit browner, it looks a bit flatter, it tastes a bit boozier. . . . . .

Welcome to a typical happy Saturday evening in the Muddy Kitchen Floor kitchen.



  1. No, I have never had one of those moments, right down to the bit where it appears that the cake has gone slightly wrong (which of course you saved magnificently), until you get to the bit where the cake has gone slightly wrong. Then I’ve had LOADS of those moments! And don’t get me started on being able to cook and talk/socialise at the same time – never happens. Which is why, instead of writing a food blog, I read one. Are you Fabulous Fanny’s secret love child?

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