An Old Fashioned Cure All

One of the perils of working in a school, albeit I’m only there one or two days a week, is the fact that children are known bags of germs. I of course mean that in an affectionate way, but just a few days after the whole school gathering in the hall to celebrate our mums with a late Mother’s Day tea, I now have yet another sore throat and developing cold. I don’t mind too much as it gives me an excuse to make once again an old family cure all recipe.

2 Lemons
A LARGE amount of honey
About a desert spoon of brown sugar

Take a shallow dish, I tend to use the lid of a casserole dish. Slice the lemons, rind on, as thinly as you possibly can. Layer in the dish, sprinkle on the sugar, pour over the honey.

Cover with cling wrap, leave on the kitchen side for at least 24 hours. By this time you will have a lot of juice in the dish which can be decanted into a glass jar and stored in the fridge. You can recover the dish with a fresh layer of cling wrap and harvest more juice over the next 24 hours.

I use this all the time for colds, sore throats and sometimes just as a pick me up tonic.



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