Spicing Things Up a Bit


The meringue saga continues. They still leaked even with self controlled whipping. I’m not sure whether I am over beating them still, or meringues, by nature, are sad little fellows?

I whipped up a batch yesterday, tried a slight variation on my dusted chocolate meringues, who quite behaved themselves, didn’t stick half as much as their “pink cloud” friends or my “spicy delights”.

You may know, by now, I love trying new ideas. As I was making this batch of meringues, I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, my very lazy red chilli’s. A thought flashed through my mind, I wonder if. . . . . . . So a small batch of stiff egg whites had a fairly generous teaspoon of chilli folded into it. I was quite impressed with the light pink the mixture turned, I loved the way the flecks of chilli held in the fluffy egg white, and they piped really well.

Not so impressed with the marshmallow texture after the bake, nor the stickiness to the paper. The taste also has us divided. I quite like the intense sweetness of the meringue mixed with the surprise heat that develops with each chew. How the meringue sticks to the teeth and prickles the tongue. However, A, who is beyond doubt a meringue junkie royally decreed this morning “people will not like them.”

I’m now thinking misting them with lime, or dredging them with dark chocolate shavings. The story will continue.