My Sanctuary, The Kitchen

It’s been a busy few days in the Muddy Kitchen Floor kitchen. For once we have not been entertaining. Spring cleaning fever has hit, a little late, but it hit in style. It started with the larder. I have a unique relationship with my larder, I love it for its space, it’s TARDIS like quality of being able to hold many more items than you could possibly imagine. I also hate it for its narrowness, it’s ability to become messy at a moments notice, it’s disorganisation and its darkness.

I wouldn’t however be able to do without it.

This week, everything came out of the larder, the shelves, the floor, items were discarded, others were lovingly wiped. Flour was decanted into glass jars, items, which inexplicably I’ve managed to purchase at least three of and open all three were condensed. Shelves were dusted, bleached, anti bacterialised, (is that a word?) and items rearranged in order.

I then decided to tackle the shelf that runs at the back of the kitchen, stripped, bleached, wiped, new items found new homes. Then as always, I started on the drawers, cupboards, nooks and crannies, till everything had been rearranged, cleaned, moved, and reorganised.

I realised as I carried out this mammoth task, no matter what mood I am in, whether i am happy, excited, stressed, sad, or tired, the kitchen becomes my sanctury. I can loose myself in there, I can take my ingredients, combine them, create, live in the moment.

Tonight, after cleaning and reorganising our classroom/treatment room, I was so very tired. It was tempting to discard the kitchen, head for the telephone and ring for a takeaway, but I knew, once i was in there, once the fish was cooking, once the potatoes were mashed, once the veg was prepared and steamed, I would feel whole again.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, tonight’s dinner was homemade fish cakes with cabbage, lemon green beans and corn. The recipe will be posted here soon.