Corinna’s Cool Coulis

Tonight was a perfect Muddy Kitchen Floor night. Our good friend Corinna came round for a Saturday dinner. Corinna runs the knitting group in Loughton that I have been to and is responsible for me starting this food blog. She blogs, knits, sews, cooks, grows, and this year has really found her feet in creating many delightful things. Her centre, The Blossom Centre is a place of inspiration. I highly recommend you check it out and see the wonderful creations.

Tonight we were treated after dinner to a lemon cheesecake Corinna was trying out. It came in its rough form, as Corinna wanted to try out her first ever Coulis.


She started by taking some of the frozen fruits, which had been defrosting all day and arranging them in the centre of the cheesecake, deciding the less is more approach was the right way forward. Once arranged the remainder of the fruit was placed in a pan, over medium to low heat and about 3 tablespoons of caster sugar added.



Once cooked, and the fruit had combined with the sugar, the juice reduced to a nice thick sauce, she strained the Coulis through a fine sieve and decanted into a jug.




The cheesecake was delicious, a real tangy lemon topping with a delightful crispy base (though I have promised not to mention only half of the biscuits were added, though you would never be able to tell), and the Coulis, which was Corinna’s first ever attempt, was sweet and sharp. It was indeed the perfect accompaniment.


The only slight fly in the ointment was the less is more approach to the fruit topping. As there were four of us sharing the dessert, it wasn’t until Corinna started cutting into it we realised only 3 people would get strawberry slices and one poor person would receive just 1 blackcurrent.


It was a great dessert, something Corinna should be really proud of.



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  1. I am indeed very proud and touched to be part of a food blog! Thank you. Xxx

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