Simple Tomato Side

I have a Spanish friend, she is really a Spanish friend of A’s but over time, I have classed her as my friend. She taught me how to make a real Spanish Omelette, and once told me my home made, hours to make, chicken soup was, and I quote, “Fu***** Sh* t”. It’s that level of honesty you really appreciate in the kitchen.

Sometimes she amazes me with the simplicity of her dishes, and I think our cooking styles are fairly similar where we both follow very loosely a recipe in our heads, but chuck in to the pot whatever comes to hand at that time.

Today’s Spanish friend dish was so simple but so delicious. The only hard thing is to remember to make it at least 4 hours before you want to eat it.

I used 5 tomatoes, roughly cut into eighths
Place in a shallow dish
Drizzle some Basil infused Olive oil ( or plain oilive oil)
Sprinkle over some Thyme
Sprinkle some good quality Sea Salt over them
Some more Olive oil
Cover with cling film and leave on the kitchen side until you are ready to eat


The longer you can leave this dish, the more the flavours combine, don’t store in the fridge as its best served at room temperature. Also as a tasty bonus, the juices can be mopped up with some good quality crusty bread.

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