Readers Lamb

I love hearing about your kitchen triumphs. This week, one of my original blog followers, who has, I have to say always been very supportive and kind about my recipes and ramblings, emailed me with a few additional questions about my slow cooked leg of lamb recipe.

We discussed gravy options, substituting the mint sauce for a redcurrant jelly, and adding extra thyme to the dish. I asked Woolly, ( her blog name) to let me know how she got on. Yesterday I received the following photos and comments in my email!


The mint sauce was actually substituted with cranberry which didn’t look great when spread over the leg joint, but did look like it crisped up on the skin once cooked.


I have some quite woody thyme in the garden, I just hacked off large handfuls of it hoping for the best (very brave me thinks!) and if I had to pick just one thing about the lamb, it was the lovely undercurrent of the thyme, which considering it wasn’t crushed or poked into the lamb was great. I’d definitely do it again (remembering to doing it on gas mk 1/2) not just for its deliciousness, but for the fact that being a busy women, the ten minutes it took to prepare and then just leave it cooking for 7 hours was bliss….. and of course, that smell! thank you


I think the whole dish looked lovely. I think I may take a trip to the butchers this weekend myself and revisit the recipe using cranberry sauce instead of mint.

Thank you Woolly for sharing, I’m so glad you enjoyed the dish.