Christmas 2013

So Christmas has come and gone in the Muddy Kitchen Floor kitchen. I was hoping to blog every other day with Christmas recipes, tips and tricks for the perfect roast potatoes, crisp sweet parsnips, and juicy turkey. Instead the whole event of Christmas flew past in a whirlwind of tinsel, stuffing and fairy lights.

Christmas Day we had 12 for lunch, and about 7 extra for Christmas tea. I have stored all my recipes, ready to share, especially my new alternative to Christmas pudding, which is a delightful light Persian Pudding.


Since 22nd December, our feet haven’t really touched the ground, since we started the festive period with G’s birthday celebrations, Christmas Eve guests, Christmas Day guests, then on 26th we headed out early to the airport for a New Years break in California.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and as soon as I can, I’m going to share some delightful Christmas recipes you can try out for Christmas 2014.