Soon to be a Muddier Kitchen Floor

The old year passed peacefully, we had flown out to our friends and my adopted kitchen in Altadena, California for a post Christmas break.  Flying out on the day after Christmas Day has its benefits.  There are no left overs to deal with, it makes you clean up the house and get everything tidy on Christmas evening rather than spend the next few days dealing with the mess created on the big day.  There is no Boxing Day binge of chocolate, left over turkey, mince pies!

There are also draw backs to going away on Boxing Day, you HAVE to get the house clean and tidy, there is the additional chore of packing clothes, as well as wrapping presents, cooking dinner etc, you miss out on left over Turkey and Christmas Bubble & Squeak, there is no Boxing Day chocolate binge!  However you do get to relax, and as we did fly to a warmer climate!

While away, I agreed to sign up to what is only described as an endurance race.  It’s called Tough Mudder, various events are held around the globe.  Our friends “O & J” have entered these races before, describing them as life challenging, fun and life changing.  Anyway, after an evening at the Pour Haus in Downtown LA,  which by the way is well worth a visit, if only for the Oxtail Tacos and Mac & Cheese during happy hour, quite a few of us decided it would be a good idea to join up.


I have until April to get in shape, for the 12 mile obstacle course, and “O” mentioned it would be a great idea to add some healthy recipes, to The Muddy Kitchen Floor.  So not only until April, but beyond the main event, I will be adding healthy dinner ideas for those of us who need to get into shape, loose some weight or just looking for some healthier alternatives during 2014.

Look out for the Mudder Kitchen Floor category on the healthy option posts!

Happy 2014 to all the readers of this Blog, thank you so much for your support and friendship over the past year!




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