An Oldie……..

………. But a Goodie

So since my return from Los Angeles, I’ve been looking at healthier meals, taking more notice than normal of “What’s on the Label” and generally getting my behind out of the kitchen and on to the treadmill or spin bike. Most of the time I am cooking for 3 or more people, and I have to be mindful of not inflicting my healthy eating regime on them.

Tonight dinner was a delicious chicken breast, wrapped in bacon and filled with cheese. I know, it doesn’t sound too healthy, but it’s a very tasty meal that’s not too high in calories and or fat, especially when accompanied by healthy side dishes.

I never use low fat foods, I believe that this is so bad for your body and digestive system. Low fat means the food has been altered, generally chemically, and this can’t be good for the digestive system. My mantra is, full fat, but less of it. It always provides for a tasty meal.

Now I open up the chicken breast, then spread on a small amount of cream cheese, tonight this cheese had sweet chilli in it. The breast is then folded and wrapped in streaky bacon.


I feel as long as you are not eating foods like bacon every day, once in a while is not going to hurt you. Once wrapped, the chicken is then placed in the oven, gas mark 6 for about 30 minutes. Check it’s piping hot and cooked throughout, if not, back in the oven for another 5 minutes.


Alongside the wrapped breasts, I placed whole onions that had been drizzled with a little olive oil. Anyone who knows me, knows that I cook with onions all the time. Nearly every dish I create has chopped onions in it, and I sometimes forget how delicious a simple baked onion can be. It releases natural sugars and becomes sweet. These are cooked alongside the chicken breasts for the same amount of time.

Tonight’s dinner was served with broccoli, and roasted new potatoes, that had been sprayed with olive oil, not soaked in oil like normal roast potatoes. When spraying oil for roasting you need to be careful that the potatoes do not dry out. Sometimes I will re spray halfway through the cooking process (about 40 minutes on gas 8) just to make sure don’t dry up, and come out nice and crispy.

A delicious meal, not unhealthy, but packed with taste.


As you cans see from the photo, I topped the chicken and bacon with sliced avocado. To add a little more flavour to the avocado, de stone it, skin it, slice it, then sprinkle with a little salt and drizzle with a tiny amount of flavoured oil. The oil I used tonight was an olive oil infused with lime.


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