A Mexican Adventure Begins

It’s been a while since my last post, I foolishly believed in July that I would have some spare time to start cooking and blogging again, but work continues to get in the way. I seem to have lost my kitchen / work balance at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll soon sort itself out.

Yesterday we left England once again, this time rather than heading to our other home, Los Angeles, we ventured somewhere new. Neither G or I have ever been to Mexico, so it’s nice to try something new together. We certainly picked the right resort, the Moon Palace Golf and Spa. As it’s an all inclusive with many places to eat, I know already this is going to be a delightful stay.

We have only been here around 12 hours and I’ve already had some delicious fish cooked for me to order accompanied by a great salt dough bread, fresh pea salad and Chinese potato with oranges.

I had to of course indulge in a second course of a mixture of grilled vegetables drizzled in olive oil and lightly dressed with a raspberry vinegar. Considering this was an all you can eat buffet, the food was amazing.

Sadly I didn’t capture any of the dishes with my camera, but rest assured there will be plenty more photos coming up over the next 14 days. Like and share our Facebook Page to keep up to date with the Mexican adventures.

Until next time, keep cooking 🙂