A Sprout is not just for Christmas

Christmas Time – Sprouts.  Yes it’s the best time of the year to eat sprouts, they are in season, they are small nutty bundles of sweet green vegetable!  A lot of people don’t like them, proboably because they are associated with small mushy bundles!!  Try them this way and you may just like them, or even like them a little more!


Take 500g of Sprouts and chop them roughly

Add 1 tsp oil to a pan, chuck in the sprouts and cook for about 5 minutes

Toss them about, stir them, shake them, just keep them moving

Sprinkle in dried red chili flakes to taste

sprinkle over the juice of 1 lime

add 3 tablespoons of double cream

Stir, serve, thank me later!



  1. Will definitely try this version. Although I still love them sliced and fried with bacon and sliced garlic too!

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