The journey continues……. So, last night, I was going to blog but Jet Lag claimed me….. I can never understand how no matter what you do to avoid it, Jet Lag WILL get you.  It’ is however a small price to pay for visiting Los Angeles.


This was one of my favourite views from our recent trip, taken from the window seat of Claudine’s Kitchen, and without a filter!

Anyway, last night we had Burger & Chips!  I know I haven’t forgotten  I am following the Slimming World eating plan…… these were SW Burgers and Chips.

First, gather your meat…. I used 500g 5% fat content of minced pork and minced beef.  to this I added 2 egg yolks, and generous amounts of Salt, Black Pepper, Fennel Seeds, Nigella Seeds, Dried Sage, and Dried Herbs du Provence.

I give you no amounts for the seasonings, as it is all about the individual taste…. experiment, start with less, then next time you make them, add more if needed.  I mixed all the ingredients by hand and then formed the meaty  mound into a thick sausage shape.


Its easier I feel to then cut into the individual burgers you are going to cook.  This amount of meat made 12 nice sized burgers


IMG_5142.jpgAfter cutting your burgers you will still need to form them a bit by hand.  You can see that although they are reduced fat meat, there are still some small flecks of fat which will make sure your burger is still juicy and not a dried up “diet” burger!

Leave to rest for a few minutes, before grilling or dry frying.  For the chips, I made the famous SW wedges.  Sliced up some potatoes into wedge shapes, with the skin on, then boiled them for 5 minutes, drained, patted dry, placed them into a baking sheet, sprayed them with Fry Lite, and sprinkled some salt over them and baked them in a hot oven for about 30 minutes.  I do suggest that every 15 minutes of cooking time you take them out, spray them again, and shake them about a bit!

The end result, served with a Salad…….. Delicious!

IMG_5143I almost forgot, this dinner is totally Syn Free, unless like me you drizzle a table-spoon of Hellman’s Honey Mustard Dressing on your Salad..  then its a massive 1.5 Syns!



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