Ok lets try this again

I am back…………

I realised I have not blogged anything on here since October 2015

That’s pathetic!

my last post was full of reasons (excuses) as to why I hadn’t blogged for a while, I’m not going there again…….  Just know I am back and on a mission

I need to loose a serious amount of weight

Muddy Kitchen Floor is not going to turn into some quinoa and gluten free lentil food site, but as I need to loose about 54 pounds (yes you read that right!!) a lot of the posts are going to be slimming world based, either recipes I have used from Slimming World, or recipes that I have created adapted, and made my own but still either Syn Free.

If you are on SW, or been on SW, I’m hoping I can inspire you and of course keep myself on track.  Each week when I weigh in I will let you know how many pounds if any were lost, and of course I would love to hear your SW stories too………

FEAR NOT MY SKINNY FAT EATING FRIENDS of Muddy Kitchen, I will still be posting some fabulous desserts, and dinners on here and sharing a lot of recipes and food on my twitter account @muddykitchen

I will also be posting some more eating out reviews, and seriously praising those restaurants that can help you with SW choices…….

For now, know the scales have been stepped on………… The journey has restarted.

Breakfast was a delicious full english, everything was a free food except for the Heck Sausages which were 1/2 a Syn each

image1 Eggs were scrambled, Bacon Dry Fried, tomatoes were halved and placed on a baking tray with the mushrooms, sprayed with fry lite and roasted on high for 20 minutes, sausages were cooked in the oven.

Lunch today was provided by my good friend, Camilla, which after throwing her by informing her we were off bread, was Ryvita (2) and ham.  This was a Free Food lunch as I used the Ryvita as a healthy extra B and the ham was nice thick lean chunks.

Dinner was a creation.  I chopped up Leek, Onions, peppers and Tomatoes placed them in my Aga pan, and cooked them in fry lite on a low heat……. Adding Chicken breast, which was browned, I added some chicken stock, passata, Apple Cider Vinegar, and then a heap of cooked rice.  This was a filling, free dinner!!

image3It tasted a lot better than it looked!

So this was the start of the SW journey……… This time I aim to make SW a real lifestyle change, not just a diet to loose the weight, then spend another 5 years putting it back on!

Let me know your baking, cooking, eating, stories below, I love to hear from you!