Cornmeal Crust Pizza

I love food. I know, shall I tell you something you don’t know!! It’s normal for me to be writing about the recipes that I have found and created in the Muddy Floor Kitchen, but I realised, we eat out almost as much as I cook. Often it’s in the same places local to us, but every so often, we find somewhere new.

Last night, there was a last minute change of plan bought on by the familiar pain of hunger, when you are with other foodies AND teenage boys, you know that you just have to find somewhere to eat, and fast. We were in Notting Hill, and found ourselves outside OTTO a small, funky little pizza place. They sell Cornmeal Crust pizzas, the decor was simple, but effective, so we grabbed a table, sat and perused the menu.

A mixture of BBQ pork, onion and goats cheese, cheese, tomato and lentil pizza was ordered, our server was very knowledgeable, explained the pizzas well, made us comfortable, and was patient as we stumbled through an unfamiliar menu.

I spied on the specials board a caramel apple salad, with bacon. It sounded just different enough to border on the “This could be great or it could be a major taste disaster” scale, so being brave I ordered it.


A great pile of mixed leaves, coated in a delicious tart dressing, sprinkles of goats cheese and bacon, toasted almonds, and rounds of apple, soft but with a little bit of crunch, coated in a delicious caramel sauce. My friends all raved about the pizza crust, the toppings were well crafted, the cornmeal base was more filling than a normal base, and tasted great dipped in the roasted garlic mayonnaise!!

All in all, for the price, taste, experience of Otto’s I would say if you are in Notting Hill or the surrounding areas, feel a bit hungry ( a lot hungry ) then head over to Chepstow Road, W2 and give them a try. You can take a look at their website and menu here.