Posh Fool

Dessert. Who doesn’t love a nice sweet ending to a delicious meal? In summer, nothing breaths an eaton mess, with its delicate soft fruits, rich cream and crunchy chewy meringue. This dessert was quick, simple and easy to make, I decided to “posh it up” a bit by putting it in our best crystal wine glasses.

Posh Fool

1 punnet of Strawberries
1 punnet of Raspberries
1 punnet of Blackberries
1 small pot of Extra thick Double Cream
3 Meringue Nests
1 pot of Greek Yoghurt with Honey
A few squares of Good Quality Dark Chocolate

Halve the strawberries and put a small amount in the bottom of the glass, add a spoonful of double cream, layer on top raspberries and blackberries. Spoon over some yoghurt, add some crushed meringue, then layer again with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Top off with a generous amount of double cream, then stick more fruit on top, sprinkle some more crushed meringue over the top, then using a fine grater, grate some dark chocolate on top.


I used extra thick Jersey Cream, which has a beautiful golden colour, and the consistency of vanilla ice cream. You can, substitute the cream for ice cream, but I found cream gave it a more “grown up” feel to it.

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