What Happened to the Mango?

This morning, you may remember I woke with a Mango Chilli Lime recipe in my head. C was coming for dinner this evening, so I decided to use the Mango as my base ingredient, and create a summery dinner with complimenting flavours around it. I wanted a real mixture of heat, sweet, spice, and salt.

I started with my basic tomato side, which is chopped Tomatoes, drizzled with oil and left on the side to get to room temperature. Today, I decided to add Smoked Garlic, and Balsamic Vinegar.

I then basted some Chicken Thighs in a mixture of
2 teaspoons of Whole Grain Mustard
The juice of 2 Lemons
1 teaspoon of Olive Oil
2 teaspoons of Honey and returned the thighs to the fridge until they were needed.

The Mango Chilli Lime Salad was basically just that, with some Spinach, Iceberg Lettuce, and Cucumber which was just layered in a dish and the juice of 2 Limes sprinkled over the top.

As a side dish, I grilled off some Halloumi Cheese and roasted some Baby New Potatoes which were sprinkled with sea salt and had some Hard Cheese grated over them.


From what started as a simple Mango idea, had soon, in traditional Muddy Kitchen Floor style, turned into a full on dinner for 4. Dinner with friends, a great way to spend a summers eve. . . .