The Countdown Begins

Hello friends, I’m back where I belong ………. In the kitchen. It’s been a while, too much stress in the outside world, and I’ve neglected the Muddy Floor Kitchen, but as half term begins, I have time to start my own countdown. The countdown to Christmas!!

Today I am trying out a new idea for a Chocolate Ginger walnut cake, which I will post tomorrow as well as my Christmas Cake which has started today. As I was weighing the fruit, pouring the orange juice and brandy over, the smell hit me. The smell of Christmas season starting. I so wish this blog was “Smell-O-Vision” so you could actually smell this.


I will post the recipe tomorrow as the fruit has to steep in the Brandy and Orange Juice for at least 12 hours.

Happy Baking 🙂


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  1. Welcome back old friend – you’ve been missed. I must admit when I saw the title ‘countdown’ I thought you might be referring to the final of the Great British Bake Off! Don’t forget to make a wish when you’re doing the final stirring of the Christmas cake mix!

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