Dependents in the Kitchen!

I have a new pet in the Muddy Kitchen Floor kitchen.  No, not another dog, but a sourdough starter.  It was something I had been meaning to start for a while, but never really had the nerve to.  It’s a big responsibility a sour dough starter, read any sourdough bread blogs, twiter feeds, websites, cook books, and they do warn you of the responsibility of feeding, and nurturing the starter and not letting it die.

I had images of forgetting to “feed” and “Nurture” my dough, but after a twitter conversation with Baking in Suburbia, I summoned the courage to give it a go.  This conversation, as well as realising that I can put in my iPad all the dates to remind me to feed and nurture the Starter, (along with the days I need to “Feed” my Christmas Cake), should mean that Jason, (Yes I named the starter) will survive.

At the moment, Jason (he got this name as he was born/created around the Halloween period) is not very photogenic at the moment, so I am going to give him a few days to get going, then post a picture.

Between Jason, the Christmas Cake and the Resident Muddy Kitchen Floor dogs, I am awash with responsibility!

Happy Baking!!