1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Well, not quite as exotic as Dr Suess suggests, but we did have a rather healthy, Mudder Kitchen Floor  inspired Yellow Fish this weekend.  A nice piece of smoked haddock.  I think that haddock is one of the nicest tasting fish you can get, whether it is smoked or un-smoked, to me it has a much meatier, fisher taste than cod.

For our healthy dinner, I sliced up a white onion, placed some smoked haddock pieces on top, and poured over 1/2 pint of semi-skimmed milk.  The fish is then put to a simmer for about 15-20 minutes.  When the fish is cooked, transfer to a plate, wrap in foil and leave somewhere warm.

I used to always worry about leaving food after cooking it as I always thought it would get cold really quickly!  However, its quite surprising how long the fish stays warm for!

Don’t discard the milk that the fish was poached in, add to this a tiny amount of butter, I used a level dessert spoon, and a dessert spoon of plain flour.  There is no need to add any seasoning as the fish stock will be quite salty.  Stir this over a low heat, it will get incredibly thick and lumpy.  Just add some more milk until you get quite a thick sauce.  Remember there will be some lumps in there but they will be the onions!!

Tough Mudder Supper
Smoked Haddock, White Onion Sauce, Brown Rice!

I served the fish on a bed of brown rice, then covered the fish with the sauce, topping off with a runny poached egg!  Poached Eggs and Haddock, to me, go together like hot toast and butter, the egg however has to be lightly poached, and runny.  Looking at the picture, I think maybe I should have added some vegetable to the dish, some broccoli or some spinach would have added a nice touch of colour!

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