A Delish Fish Pie

4 days after the big day & we are still in the process of leftover usage.  Last night (29th) was using up the poached Salmon
from Boxing Day (December 26th for all my American friends!).  So I decided on a fish pie.  Not strictly just leftovers as I added some additional fresh ingredients,
but you get the idea.  I am trying out a different approach with this recipe blog, more pictures, less words, so let me know what you think.


(1) First take some good Quality Potatoes.  I
used about 4 medium to large and quartered
them.  Put them in a large pan of salted
boiling water for about 20 mins

(2) With not enough Salmon leftovers I had to
poach up some white fish.  Normally for fish Pie I
would use some un-dyed smoked haddock.


This time I used frozen Cod fillets (about 5)
poached in full fat milk for 20 mins.  KEEP the milk
after poaching as you will need it later.


(3) Slice some garlic and sprinkle over some salt.  Then
slice onions & Brussels Sprouts.  Keep to one side


(4) When the fish has finished poaching remove it from
the milk using a slatted spoon, transfer to a dish and
smash it up with a fork.


(5) Lightly saute the Onions, Garlic and Sprouts
for about 5 mins in a small amount of GOOD oil


(6) Add to the dish of white fish then,
with a fork, smash up your Salmon


(7) Now is the time to make up a cheesy
sauce for the fish pie.  As it’s a leftovers theme, I am
using a good amount of Brie in the cheese sauce
but normally I would use a sharp, mature Cheddar.


(8)  For the Sauce, melt in a pan 1 tablespoon of butter then add
2 tablespoons of Plain Flour and cook through for about 2 minutes.
This will take away the “floury” taste.  It will look lumpy & Claggy
but don’t panic.  It will turn into the smoothest sauce ever

Add some of the milk you reserved (that deliciously fishy milk) and stir

It will immediately thicken & go claggy, just add more milk
a little at a time and keep stirring!


(9) When its smooth enough to just drop off of your spoon
chuck in your cheese (as much as you like) and let it melt
into the sauce.  Bring to a high simmer (just before boiling point)
then turn off the heat.

(10)  Now mix all the fish and vegetables together with the
cheese sauce into a dish and smooth over.  Then take a potato ricer and
rice your potatoes over the fish.


If you don’t have a ricer GO BUY ONE IMMEDIATELY or
you could just mash up the potatoes and layer over the fish.  I have found though
that riced potatoes cook really well in the oven.

(11) Once assembled, you will have a white, cheesy, saucy, fishy dish
of deliciousness.  Leave it to cool and place in the fridge until you
want to cook it through.  Or, you could cook it immediately.


(12)  preheat your oven to gas mark 6 or 200c if using electric.
Place the fish dish into the oven and bake for about 25 mins
or until the sauce has bubbled up at the sides and the potato
has gone crispy and golden!  I served this one with Peas.


Please let me know how you get on with trying out this dish.  I would love to see a photo of your finished product on our facebook page so
don’t forget to


& upload your photos!



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