A Tough One!

It was pointed out to me recently by a good friend, that I hadn’t posted on here for a while!  For the purposes of this post I shall call this friend Coriander.

I realised that Coriander was correct I hadn’t and it took me a moment to think about why not.  Well, some of you may know, that over the past few years I have been suffering (I hate that word but it was the best I could come up with) with stomach cramps.  A lot of the cramps were caused by stress, but I also noticed that an equal amount were caused by food.  This has been tough for me.  As a foodie, knowing that certain foods were going to cause my stomach to hurt and cause me pain was and is unthinkable, especially as a lot of the food that causes a reaction is food that I absolutely love.

So far, I have had to avoid all meat products.  This is not such a bad thing, we all know after all the problems caused by intensive animal farming, but again, AS A FOODIE how could I not blog about pulled pork, rare cooked steak, chicken curries, (sorry to all my vegetarian/vegan/plant based readers).

My blog suffered because I took a mental dive,  working out what foods I should lay off of for a while caused me to eat a very basic diet recently.  I’ve almost lived off of Macaroni Cheese, Pasta Bakes, Fish, and not much else.  I made myself think that my creativity in the kitchen had left me.  Christmas this year consisted of no home baked products (although I didn’t succumb to pre-made roast potatoes).  My heart had left my kitchen!

I think I’ve worked through this Blogging Slump, I’m beginning to find my creativity again.  Coming up will be a post for a fish pie which was amazing.  I’ve made some soups which have actually been quite good, and like all good traditions as the new year starts, so does another healthy eating plan, until of course the foodie in me bursts out and starts frying left over Christmas Pudding in butter & smothering it in Thick Valencia Orange flavoured cream!

So thank you Coriander, your comment in the kitchen during a Prosecco filled moment has kicked me up the A**e, and put me back in the kitchen!


My Friend – Coriander