Magic Mushrooms

No not that sort of magic mushroom but these are quite tasty & very easy to make.  You know me, I like great flavoursome food that is quick and easy to make.  No need to give yourself 100 steps in a recipe to follow when you only need 45!  Not that this has 45 steps as you will see.

Pre-Heat your oven to 200c

Take 5 Portobello Mushrooms and remove the stalk from the middle of them.  Then taking a block of Salted Butter (you should know me by now that whether the recipe is sweet or savoury I only use salted butter), cut of slices of butter to lay over the individual mushrooms.  There is no measurement to how much butter you want to use, if you like your food really rich, use more butter!  Next slice up some Garlic and slice up the cloves.  Again, this is not prescriptive.  If you like a big spicy hit of garlic flavour, then chop more, if you like a hint, use less.  The only thing I will say here is make sure you chop the garlic finely, I like thin slices, or you can crush it to put on top of the butter slices.  Sprinkle over some Salt, Black Pepper & Dried Sage to taste.

Pop these into your oven for 10 minutes


As you can see I sliced my butter quite thickly and used a fair bit of garlic!

After 10 minutes take your mushrooms out and leave on the side to cool slightly for about 10 minutes.  Next add some Spinach Leaves to each mushroom.  I found about 2-3 leaves is enough, then top with a generous amount of Cheddar Cheese.  Finally sprinkle on top some crushed Weetabix just for that bit of crunch.

Pop back in the oven for another 10 minutes until the cheese is all melted and golden.

Serve and eat immediately.


Thanks for reading!