Being Present

It’s been a crazy time. We went to Los Angeles for Christmas and new year, we got caught up on the chaos that was “Gatwick Dronegate” but we are now back in the UK.

Whenever we travel, once home and over the jet lag I like to spend a day, or at least a long afternoon in the kitchen. I like to cook, clean and centre myself again. It’s a bit like grounding myself back into my home.

So tonight we are having roasted chicken with of course stuffing, roast potatoes and vegetables. Lots of healthy cabbage, Brussels and sweet corn.

For this roast, I like to place some olive oil, lemons, sage, garlic and leeks into the bottom of a roasting dish. A little butter pushed under the skin of the chicken then sprinkle it with salt, pepper and oregano, cover with the lid to the roasting pot (or tightly wrapped foil) and place in a pre heated (200c) oven for about 2 hours.

It’s going to be absolutely delicious.

Check out my Facebook page for the finished result Whippys Kitchen