Fish Supper

As much as I like salad, and as much as I like this scorching hot weather, after a while the allure of lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, radish and even my new found friend the balsamic beetroot, becomes tiresome. I know, I know, how typically English of me, just a few days of summer and already I am moaning about something.

Tonight, I decided to have a (not so hot) meal. One of my favourite fish, salmon. Although its a cooked and can be served as a hot meal, it’s equally as nice cold, so you could plate it up, cool it down, and enjoy as a cooked salad.


My salmon was placed on a foil square, topped with alternate sliced lemon and tomato, drizzled with basil infused olive oil and some balsamic vinegar. The sides of the foil were brought together to make a parcel, and the salmon placed on a baking tray.

The new potatoes were halved, placed in cold water, and dried mixed herbs sprinkled on top. Cabbage sliced thinly and placed in a pan of cold water.

Heat the oven to gas mark 5, place the salmon in, put the potatoes over a high heat and set your timer for 10 minutes. When bleeping, turn down the heat to a simmer, put the cabbage on a high heat for 8 minutes.

When the bleeping starts again, remove the salmon from the oven, place some rocket leaves on the plate, remove salmon from foil, place on the rocket. Strain the potatoes and cabbage, arrange on the plate, then drizzle some good quality balsamic glaze over the fish.