Egg MF Muffins

Ok, I will probably get into legal trouble for the name of this post from some well known Fast Food(?) chain, so keep it our little secret OK!  This afternoon, before it became too hot to have the oven on in the kitchen, I decided to try out a recipe I stumbled upon last night.  The recipe was called Egg Muffins with Onion Salami & Halloumi from the Eat Drink Paleo website.  Of course, upon searching the fridge, I realised that I only had Eggs, Onions, Spinach and a block of Parmigiano Reggiano, so an adaptation was called for.

Firstly though, I would like to thank Irena Macri, for creating such a stunning website, full of amazing Paleo recipes.  The Paleo Plan (I refuse to call it a diet) is something that has been niggling away at me for some time now, not through any major health problems, but as a way to cut down on my dependency on bread and sugar.  I have been looking through a few Paleo cookbooks and recipes online and over the next few weeks will be trying them out in the Muddy Floor Kitchen and posting my results here.

So, for my adaptation of the recipe, (the full recipe I will be getting the ingredients and trying it out soon), called for

6 large eggs beaten
1/2 a red onion sliced or diced its up to you
Olive Oil
Parmesan Cheese sliced using a vegetable peeler

Firstly, the oven was preheated to gas mark 5, and my sturdy little silicone moulds lined a muffin pan.  I then sliced the red onion and started sweating it down, (not hard to do in this heat) before adding a handful of roughly torn spinach leaves to the pan




While this was happening, I lightly beat the eggs.  6 large eggs came to roughly 400ml which was enough to make 10 of these muffins.  When the spinach and onions were cooled, I added them to the egg mixture

MuddyFloorMuffins2-001 MuddyFloorMuffins3a-001


Now, “peel” some slices of Parmesan cheese, enough to drop about 2 or 3 slices onto the top of each muffin.  Divide as equally as you can the egg, spinach and onion mixture between your cases (If you dont have silicone cases you can grease with butter the muffin tin and pour the mixture directly into the tin) and then pop into the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes.  I checked mine after 15 and they were cooked but still looked a bit pale, so back in they went for another 5.

I was quite surprised how some of them really rose to the occasion, others just remains like flat little cakes.  However the texture and taste was lovely.


This is such an easy dish, and is something that can be mainly prepared the night before then the muffins cooked in the morning for breakfast, or, like I have done, eaten some warm, then put some in the fridge which I will have tomorrow for lunch.  Yum!